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2016 BSW Completion Celebration BSW Completion group photot The Bachelor of Social Work class of 2016 recently had their Completion Celebration on Weds. Nov. 16th. It was a beautiful evening of celebration through music and incredible heart-felt speeches. The BSW class had the Women's hand drumming group from Queen's University come and perform during the opening of the evening. There were several performances throughout the night by the students themselves as well. One student in particular, played the fiddle while other students and instructors danced. It was a beautiful evening to celebrate the hard-work and dedication the students have
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Sweat Lodge comes to FNTI FNTI now has a sweat lodge. Kevin Kunkel, Aboriginal Youth Justice Worker, Tontakaierine Tyendinaga Justice Circle (TJC) learned the method of constructing a sweat lodge in his previous work with Indigenous inmates in Corrections. With approval from FNTI President, Suzanne Brant, Kevin constructed a lodge to use for the TJC and other programs at FNTI. Our first traditional sweat lodge was held on Sunday, November 12, 2016 at FNTI. Joe Brown, an experienced community member conducted the sweat for a group of youth. Construction of the Sweat Lodge With the help of FNTI 2nd year Mental
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Exploring the Arts at Ohahase The students of Ohahase are getting the opportunity to work with local artist Mark Neal over the next couple of days for an art workshop. This activity was made possible by the Pass the Feather arts collective. The students are receiving personal instruction about sketching from Neal. Neal said that he was right handed but broke his wrist at around age 5 and when we was forced to use his left hand that is when he discovered he had a talent for art. In a nearby classroom, student Peter Brant, was playing guitar as teacher Amanda McCambridge sang along. It would seem that the students of
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