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Phone: 613-396-2122

Toll-free: 1-800-267-0637

Administration & Administrative Support

Suzanne Brant, 
President, ext. 167,

Adam Hopkins, 
Vice-President, Academic, ext. 151,

Christine Perry, 
Executive Assistant to the President, ext. 148,

Lorrie Whalen, 
Executive Assistant to Vice-President, Academic, ext. 181,

Janet Kring, 
Administration Clerk, ext. 121,

Kelly Maracle,
Manager - Human Resources, ext. 135,

Colleen Seary,
Director - Data Collection, Institutional Analysis and Planning, ext. 129,

Allyssa Maracle
Operations Officer - Finance, ext. 132,

Erin Ferrante, 
Operations Officer - HR & Administration, ext. 128,

Lori Nugent, 
Operations Officer - Students Records, ext. 137,

Education & Training  

Karma Chukdong,
Dean - Teaching Excellence and Learning, ext. 126, 

Ian Fanning,
Director - Student Success and Service Delivery, ext. 122,

Tracey Maracle, 
Student Success Facilitator, ext. 140,

Kristin Maracle, 
Student Success Facilitator, ext. 189,

Lindsay Brumwell,
Student Success Facilitator, ext 164,

Alicia Sweet (on leave), 
Student Success Facilitator, ext. 136,

Marketing, Recruitment & Communications 

Jake Brant (on leave), 
Recruitment Officer, ext. 182,

Cathie Findlay, 
Recruitment Research Facilitator, ext. 124,

Aviation (613) 396-3100

Jo-Anne Tabobandung,
Manager & Chief Flight Instructor, ext. 226,

Pete Millar, 
Flight Instructor, ext. 226,

Terry Cox, 
Flight Instructor, ext. 254,

Richard Lalsingh, Flight Instructor,

Vladimir Nitz, Flight Instructor,

Maggie Chung, Teacher,

Doug Leadbeater, 
Manager, Aircraft Maintenance Operations, 396-5146,

John Mersereau, 
Aircraft Maintenance Technician, 396-5674, 

Ohahase Education Centre

Sandy Brant, 
Principal, ext. 180,

Tanya Bardy, 
Educational Assistant, ext. 133,

Amanda McCambridge, 
Teacher, ext. 123,

Justin Caldwell, 
Teacher, ext. 154,

Tontakaierine Tyendinaga Justice Circle     

Leah Brant,
Acting Justice Circle Coordinator, ext. 128,

Kevin Kunkel, 
Youth Justice Worker, ext. 166,

Mark Brinklow, 
First Nations/Metis/Inuit Court Worker, ext. 125,

Johanna Webb,
Gladue Writer,

Facilities and Maintenance

Randy Maracle, 
Manager, Facilities and Maintenance, (613) 396-3100 ext. 239,

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