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Phone: 613-396-2122

Toll-free: 1-800-267-0637

Administration & Administrative Support

Suzanne Brant
President - x167

Adam Hopkins 
Vice-President, Enrolment Management and Student Services - x151

Donna Silver-Smith
Vice-President, Corporate Services - x134

Umar Keoni Umangay 
Vice-President, Academic - x147

Susan Maracle
Chief Financial Officer - x127

Alicia Peltsch
Director - Data Collection, Institutional Analysis and Planning - x129

Sarah Mignault
Registrar -, x137

Jennifer Low
Financial Aid/Records Clerk -, x139

Greg Turriff
SIMS Administrator -, x130

Christine Perry
Executive Assistant to the President - x148

Janet Kring
Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Enrollment Management and Student Services - x181

Lorrie Whalen
Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Academic - x162

Allyssa Maracle (Maternity Leave) Karen Brant - Acting Operations Officer, Finance
Operations Officer, Finance - x132

Leah Brant
Operations Officer, HR & Administration - x128

Mindy Panasky
Administration Clerk - x121

Student Services  

Shari Beaver
Director of Student Success and Delivery - x122

Tracey Maracle
Student Success Facilitator - x140

Kristin Maracle
Student Success Facilitator - x189

Alicia Sweet
Student Success Facilitator - x164

Julie Brant
Student Success Facilitator - x136

Karissa Maracle
Student Success Facilitator - 

Amber Brant
Student Success Facilitator -Aviation -

Jason Jacobs
Student Success Facilitator -


Mary Ann Spencer, Faculty Member/Cultural Advisor x207
Terri Cadeau, Placement Coordinator x162
Alanna Maracle, Programs Coordinator x162
Blaine Loft, Faculty Member/Cultural Advisor x207
Betty Katsitsiase Maracle, Cultural Advisor x207
Dave Jock, Cultural Advisor x207

Marketing, Recruitment & Communications 

Cathie Stewart Findlay
Director, Government Relations and Communication - x124

Erika Maracle 
Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator - x182

Jordan Merkley 
Enrolment Advisor - x141

Aviation Program

Jo-Anne Tabobandung
Manager & Chief Flight Instructor - ext. 226,  

Pete Millar 
Flight Instructor - ext. 253,

Terry Cox 
Flight Instructor - ext. 254, 

Kevin Singh 
Flight Instructor - ext. 204, 

Dimitri Darinski 
Flight Instructor - ext. 200,

Brendan Phillips 
Flight Instructor -

Maggie Garland (maternity leave) 
Instructor - ext. 203,

Doug Leadbeater 
Manager, Aircraft Maintenance Operations - x288

Dwayne Kunz, AME 
Aircraft Maintenance - x201

Ohahase Education Centre

Sandy Brant 
Principal - ext. 180, 

Tanya Bardy 
Educational Assistant - ext. 133,

Justin Caldwell 
Teacher - ext. 154,

Kim Eyers 
Teacher - ext. 160, 

Amanda McCambridge
Teacher - 

Danielle Hill
Administrative Assistant -

Tontakaierine Tyendinaga Justice Circle     

Shannon Butcher
Justice Circle Coordinator, ext. 166,

Mark Brinklow 
First Nations/Metis/Inuit Court Worker -

Stephen Green 
Aboriginal Youth Worker - ext. 168,

Mike Ferrante 
Adult Diversion Worker -

Crystal Haight 
Gladue Aftercare Worker -

Facilities and Maintenance

Randy Maracle 
Manager, Facilities and Maintenance, ext. 131,

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